Butterbirds "Sweet Little Honey Nothin'" Cassette


  • Translucent Blue

  • Translucent Purple


Butterbirds plays reverb drenched, twinkly, and highly rhythmic alt-country tunes in the city of Pittsburgh. Dreamlike lyrics sung by consistent male/female harmonies narrate their folky jams beautifully, and pay tribute to song stylings ranging from honky-tonk jams to crooning ballads.

You're a friend, friend.

All tapes come with a download code, with which you can obtain digital tracks from our cassettes.

Edition of 50 on blue and purple cassettes

Our tapes are ordered blank, duplicated with our own equipment, printed and cut at a nearby copy-shop either by the store and/or us, and assembled by hand. If you find blood, sweat, and/or tears with your purchase, that's why.

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