Save Us from the Archon "Thereafter" Cassette


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Save Us from the Archon is Pittsburgh, PA's number one provider of instrumental, hyper technical post hardcore guitar riffs. They're fully equipped to handle any lick, and the double bass drum is always appropriate, never contrived.

SUFTA's sophomore full length properly displays a newfound maturity in their writing, but that doesn't mean it's gotten less ambitious or less technical. Shredding is at the forefront of every track. For those fearful of post hardcore without a soprano or tenor range singer, fear not. The guitars on Thereafter are constantly vocalizing, and after a few listens, you'll find yourself singing along. Each track on Thereafter is laced together with a beautiful, ambient, and textural piece featuring heavily effected guitars. They'll provide you with shelter from a torrential downpour of notes, while showing off this band's range as a group of incredibly talented musicians.

For those of us searching for musicians to fill the void left by bands like old The Fall of Troy, search no more - you've found your new favorite band.

All tapes come with a download code, with which you can obtain digital tracks from our cassettes.

Edition of 100 on clear cassettes

Our tapes are ordered blank, duplicated with our own equipment, printed and cut at a nearby copy-shop either by the store and/or us, and assembled by hand. If you find blood, sweat, and/or tears with your purchase, that's why.

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